Understanding markets
Evaluating risks
Discovering chances

Understanding markets

An economically successful and lasting development of business properties requires a variety of different measures.

Thorough expert reports,
well-grounded location analyses,
strategically mature utilization concepts...

And, in addition, a deep understanding of market mechanisms, the relevant general conditions, knowledge of the opportunities and risks of growth. These are the special strengths of ecostra. With our team, competent retail and location analysts offer you help and support at every stage of suitable projects.


ecostra offers...

...high-quality expertise and flexibly available advisory services all from one provider. And we do still more! In location development, too, the principle that the whole is greater than its parts remains true. This is why we are constantly seeking to look “beyond our noses”. We bring in our know-how in different sectors for a wide variety of clients. We work for both leading international trading companies, project developers and investors and for small and medium-sized enterprises. For both small, up-and-coming towns and municipalities and for urban metropolises and regions. To the advantage of our clients, who benefit from our extensive experience combined with a careful and discriminating eye.

ecostra is where the market is...

...and nowadays the markets are often characterised by Europe-wide trends. For this reason, we are able to integrate experience and concepts from other countries into our day-to-day work, and also take global trends into account.

Delivering the findings without examining the implications...

... is something we don’t believe in. Based on objective analyses, we look for tailor-made solutions for our clients and, if they so desire, put our network of contacts at their disposal. To recognize opportunities thereby also means to evaluate risks: to calculate the risk potential of a project for business locations in city and town centres, but also to sound out opportunities in the light of specific market and location conditions. Our high degree of professional competence and independence ensures the necessary foundation for efficient, responsible decision-making.

ecostra was founded in 2006...

..and, thanks to the professional competence and long-standing experience of our staff, is now one of the leading business consultants in the field of business property development, particularly location development in the retail trade. Our private limited company is based in the regional capital of Hess, Wiesbaden. Managing Director: Dr. Joachim Will.

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